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BSOD because of Memory Incompatibility


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Hi, my computer keeps crashing (Blue Screen of Death - BSOD) and I have been told it is because my Memory is not compatible with my motherboard.

Question 1 - Can that be a reason for a BSOD? The Blue Screen gives the following rasons for the crash.

"Caused by driver" = either ntfs.sys or atapi.sys

:Heading" = each time a different reason is given at the top of the Blue Screen,








Question 2: Now I need to change all 6 brand new DIMMS that I bought (6 x 4GB). The only replacements I see that are compatible with my mother board is 2GB per DIMM so I can only get a maximum of 12GB (only have 3 channels and 6 slots). Any suggestion on what the best memory is to buy?

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What is the part number of the memory you purchased and how many sets did you purchase? It looks like you may have purchased 3 sets of Twin modules; if so that may very well be the problem, I would suggest you purchase aset of modules that are the density you want to use in your system. IE for example a 12 Gig set sold and packaged as one set, we do not suggest mixing memory.
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