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WTF Microsoft


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I just got a Microsoft Security Essentials update and now my 1500s are not running. I go to the driver for the 1500s and I see this:


Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)


When I uninstall drivers it works fine. I'm still putzing around to see if there is a work around.

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*Solved for now*

Uninstalled everything and disabled Microsoft Antimalware Service, then installed the drivers as administrator, rebooted and it was fine(so far).


It's just odd that a Security Essentials update could do that out of the blue.

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DirectX updates will occasionally do this as well. It is a sloppy way they have to do updates. If any part of the connected files required for the drivers to function is replaced with an updated version it thinks everything is wrong and fails badly.


The easy solution is to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them. Then do the Windows Update stuff again. You will have to reboot after uninstalling, and after installing as well. Then you may yet again have more fun after MS gets done updating things again.


All this fuss because MS wants to do an odd way of updating things and rejecting any driver that they do not currently accept as valid.

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I am almost certain they are, but DirectX may update a single file that is NOT the driver, but ties back to the driver through the OS and/or DirectX. So whenever that file is updated it simply thinks that everything is messed up. It ditches all the drivers that it currently does not recognize.


That in no way means the drivers were bad or defective or uncertified. It just means they have a sloppy way of doing updates.


I wish I could be more clear, but the problems involved are legion. I could describe a hundred and never scratch the surface of this mess.


Let me give you a theoretical example.


I have a Radeon GPU and no sound card in my system. The ATI/AMD drivers for the GPU add what they pretend is a sound card, when in reality it is the software layer required to pass sound via HDMI on the GPU from a separate sound card.


Every time I update my GPU drivers there is a 50% or more chance that it will ignore everything I set it to do and re-enable the junky HDMI pass through for an audio device I simply do not have on this system.


When this happens there is a very high chance that DirectX will have to update the Windows Audio framework to include this "New" audio device that never once existed. When this happens, your current drivers die badly.


This is NOT Corsair's fault. They did their part. But it is impossible to make drivers that are immune to the massive idiocy of Windows as an OS.

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