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vengeance 1866 timings and stability


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Hello, I posted this on another related thread but It may have gone dead?


Background: I am running a new power supply(corsir GS800) and this memory kit is a replacement for the same memory kit, which had a faulty heat spreader.

My previous memory ran at the rated xmp speed of 1866mhz (9-10-9-27 2T) and rated voltage of 1.5v.


Problem started whrn I had swapped out my PSU and attached new ram. It would not post at the xmp speed. So I cleared cmos and manually entered speed. Still no dice. Cut a long story short: Upped voltage to 1.5500 volts and my rig booted. Since then all was ok, except I had two bsod. At first I thought it could be my ssd. The ssd that has all the issues with drop outs etc and firmware updates a plenty!! Secondly I thought it could be my vid card, 560-ti and the driver issue a lot of people are having. However I decided to test the memory first.

Memtest86 fails with anything less than 1.55 volts. After that all is ok for 3 tests plus. Wall time of 2.5 hours plus. Yet I get an instant error when running prime95 custom, with max memory tested. The only way to become error free is to bump up memory volts to 1.6. Then it is stable. Although I only tested it for 30 mins.

I know sandybridge states a mem voltage of 1.5 so I am over volting the memory to run stable at rated speed.

Am I voiding the warranty of memory and proc by doing this? Should I ask supplyer for an rma? Is there anything I am over looking? Any assistance would be great, cheers


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OK. Thanks. I will do that when I get the spare time. Was dreading having to do each stick individually. Just a question, how can the pair pass memtest, if one stick might be defective? Anyway will get on that friday as I need my pc for essays and work today and thursday. Cheers
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Hi I am back with some results. Testing stick 1 in Dimm slot A2 with XMP settings. USB Legarcy disabled etc. 6 Passes without errors at 1.5v.

Testing stick 1 in slot B2. 10 passes without errors with XMP settings. One thing to note: Memtest and cpu-z report the timmings as 6-6-6-20 1866 for some reason in this dimm slot.


Testing stick 2. Will not POST at 1866 in both dimm slots, Unless volted to 1.55v.

Setting timmings to 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 1.5v is fine although again cpu-z reports the cas 6 timmings.


I can't test the mem in the other two slots because my cooler wont allow it. As I said before my previous memory booted fine and dandy at rated speed and voltage. So is this an rma job or can I use this memory without voiding warranty at 1.6v?

Thank you for pending advice and assistance. Cheers

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