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RMAing Force 3 120 GB


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I've been fighting with my force 3 120gb for the bast 2 months. The firmware updates have not made the situation any better. In the last week, after firmware 1.3.3 my computer has gotten to the point where it is now just sponteneously restarting (no BSOD) about 3-4 times a day (whcih sucks cause when i crashes it causes my raid array to be sit in verification more for 6+ house).


I've followed everything on the suggestions thread about swapping cables, swapping ports, and swapping controllers. Today, it took me about 5 tries at installing windows from both a USB key and a cd-rom until I was actually able to get it installed as it would persistently hang during the install process.


The problem I have now is that I live in Japan now and not sure how I would go about RMAing it. Would I use the same RMA form link on the left?

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