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What have to send for an RMA


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Hi everyone,


I've problem with my pc (system won't start and it stopped while i was playing :(:)

So i think that my HW620W is gone.

I bought it in 2008-2009 so it should still be under warranty period of 5 years.

My question is,after opening an RMA support ticket and getting the mailing address (i dont' have done it yet),have i to send something else like the receipt (problem is finding it after 3 years...) with the psu?


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks,last question before apply,

in "Where Purchased" i've to put the name of the shop or address ecc..?

and in "When Purchased",i know i've purchased it at the end of 2008 (like 11-12/2008 but i don't know the exact date),can i put just 11/2008?

Sorry but it's first time i do this.



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