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Read/Write Speeds on macbook pro


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Those numbers are great. You can't compare those figures to ATTO, unless you know that AJA uses compressible data like ATTO does. The SandForce controller on your SSD uses a technique to gain additional speed by compressing data, but not all data can be compressed, so the speed is reduced somewhat. If AJA uses only some or no compressible data, than your results are great. Even if they do use all compressible data, laptops are not up to the standards of the best desktop PCs, so you may not reach the very top speeds. The spec for your and any SSD is, "up to... MB/s", not exactly that speed.


Also, any SSD does not have a single speed of data transfer for every size file or blocks of data. They are usually fastest with very large files and slower with smaller ones.

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