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Noisy AX1200


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Well iam on my last legs with corsair products, Yet another buzzing ax1200 this has to be fixed corsair how can you release products like this


I have tried options in stick and get very loud when underload. Also the noise is present even when jumping the psu, for the amount of dollars we spend on high end products this should not be happening


Very dissapointed :(::(::(::(::(:

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Same boat as you, very disapointed.


I decided to turn to a 1200w 80+ gold PSU to get better efficiency and less noise since my PC is watercooled, and thought that the AX1200 was the way to go with all those great reviews across the net.


Now i went through 4, yes four, Corsair AX1200 with 3 exchanges with the shop, and one replacement with Corsair RMA. All of them had the same high speed turning fan, as it was not load controlled at all, and some in addition with a high pitched noise comming from the fan too.


The fan and/or the fan controller inside this PSU is a really bad joke !


I am waiting the 5th unit comming from RMA, that I will not open and just sell on an auction because I went with another brand 1200W PSU with a 80mm fan, and all I can say that this one is awesomely quiet.


Edit : indeed the Corsair customer support is exeptional, but I bought the product for the product and not for the customer support o_0

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