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ax850 with 2x6970s


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i have this setup and try to run bf3 and it crasshes after a few mins and get a blue screen then it reboots..i have tried to downgrade the settings in the game but still the same thing..everything works fine on crysis 2 or other games and i have posted in other forums and people suggest my psu isnt enough power or defective..here is my setup



asus maximus extreme

h100 cooler with noctua p12 fans

1 revodrive

1 velicoraptor drive

2 intel ssd's 510

br player

br burner

12gb vengence ram

corsair 800d

noctua p12 fans and flx140

fan controller

asus xonse sound card

and 2 x6970's

psu ax850


nothing is overclocked

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Since your system is not OCed your PSU is plenty of power for that system. If your system is stable with Crysis and other games and only unstable with BF3, I suspect a video driver issue with BF3.




FYI, your 6970s at 100% load will pull 250w each. There's no way BF3 is maxxing your Xfire setup at 100%. And even if you were at 500w for the GPUs, that leaves 350w for the rest of your system.

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Connector between 2 cards, enable Crossfire in the ATI utility? Not much to do wrong there. And, if your setup was wrong, Crysis and other games would crash it.


BF3 is the most logical culprit. If you think it's the PSU, we'll replace it but my opinion is that it would be a waste of time and shipping. It's your choice.

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