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AX1200 buzzing/noise issue


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I've been using the AX1200 for about a week now, and it's almost perfect!


Now that I've tuned my system and automated all the fan speeds to low etc.

I can clearly hear a high frequency buzzing/chirping sound coming from the PSU.

It's not loud as such - audible from 1-2m away and faint at 4-5m.

Once you've tuned into the pitch, it's extremely distracting and annoying.

I can be 3 rooms away and that whine will still be ringing in my head!


And it's not a constant pitch - it ramps up according to the load.

At first I thought it was the GPU as it's very apparent when scrolling web pages.

I then switched to on-board VGA and the PSU kept buzzing.


Tried everything mentioned in the sticky, disable C1E/EIST/C3/C6, vsync,

different components, different power cables,

different outlet sockets, sitting it on bubble wrap etc.

Nothing helps.


And then I stopped the PSU fan.

Problem solved.

No more frequency pitch shifting (how and/or why is a fan changing speeds when scrolling a webpage?!)


So, what should I do?

I'm in the UK and I believe the Corsair RMA base is located in the Netherlands?

It'll cost me ~£40 to ship this new 4.5kg PSU back.


Basically, £40 to replace a fan - and judging from some of the other threads, it's pot luck if the replacement PSU has no further problems.

I cannot justify or afford to spend an additional £40+ on RMA roulette when the PSU has already cost £230!


Do Corsair provide an Advance RMA service (where they send out the replacement first)?

The less downtime/inconvenience the better.


Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the fan without damaging the Warranty Void sticker?

Would replacing the fan void the warranty anyway?

I've owned this PSU for about a week, so losing the 7 year warranty would be a massive blow :(


I've got mixed feelings right now.

-Happy I bought this PSU.

-Sad it's got a defect.

-Happy it's just the fan,

-Sad that it'll cost me nearly 20% of the original price to fix it!

-Happy it's got great customer service.

-Sad that it might take 2-3 RMAs before I get a 'good' PSU.

Just feeling a bit demoralised!


Here's a quick sample of the sound:


The mic was positioned at the back of the PSU exhaust so that it could pick up the frequency.


Apart from RMA'ing or voiding the warranty, are there any other options?

Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome!

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This is very interesting read


Got the same problem with ax850 but never thought it could be coming from the fan.


I get the same buzzing noise when i scroll in pages or launching a 3d app.


My retailer decided to change my psu but the have the same noise with the new one.


The cost to send the psu to netherlands from my place (greece) is about 40E++ and there is still a chance the psu i get for replacement makes the same noise.


No advance rma either... you must contact cs to arrange that and you have to make a long distance call to achieve that (+more expenses)


I will test the fan think when i get home...in the mean time can someone explain how its possible for a fan to change the pitch of the sound when you are browsing??? Scrolling that is the page ....

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I recently sent back a TX650W from the UK to the Netherlands at just over £18 using DHL (Parcel2go.com).


Just out of interest, what happens if you do the following,

- Go to any webpage that exhibits the scrolling problem.

- Disconnect your monitor PSU from the mains socket (or the mains plug if built in)

- Although you cannot see and the monitor will be completely off, scroll and listen.


Does it still make the sound?

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Ah! That parcel2go.com site looks very promising!

Still... £20 + downtime to replace a fan on a brand new product !


Both my monitors are hooked up to a different socket, the PSU/PC has it's own socket on the other side of the room.

I tried it anyway - both monitors unplugged and I did some blind scrolling.. the PSU fan still chirps away :(


Hmm, do Corsair actually fix the product when they can, or do they just instantly ship out a 'new' untested replacement?

Is there no guarantee that I'll receive a fully working fan?


Would it be the same difference if I was to get a replacement PSU from the online store?

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It will always be a new sealed unit so the end result is the same as obtaining a replacement from a shop. Most companies will never repair, the potential issues which may arise as a result are not worth it. (Assuming the brand new unit functions perfectly).


I don't think there will be any form of guarantee as your test environment cannot be duplicated but maybe the Corsair engineers will come along and tell you otherwise. ;):

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