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Futuremark freezing system


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I have a new Force 3 60GB SSD and it's freeze when 3DMark or PCMark Vantage checks the system before running the test. Firmware is changed from 1.3 to 1.3.3 and I updated my mobo's UEFI version too but this problem is still exist.

After my first windows installation it was freezing a lot but I could solve it with the AMD's ahci driver. When I noticed the problem with 3DMark I've updated the firmware/UEFI and isntalled Win7 again. Now there is no problem with the MS ahci driver but Futuremark's softwares still causing the freeze. Any suggestion?

Thank You!


Mobo: Asus M5A97 Pro (UEFI ver: 0705)

OS: Win7 Ultimate x64

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I don't know exactly how but the peroblem is solved! :)

I've installed the PCMark 7 benchmark (it has a newer system info tool) and installed the AMD's AHCI driver (because I didn't install it after the firmware and UEFI update). Now ererything seems to be good!

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