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Issues with Force 3 180GB


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Hi all,


I've recently purchased the 180GB variant of the Force 3 SSD due to a great deal at a local retailer. I had read about some issues with the 120GB variant, but didn't see anything bad relating to the 180GB model.


Unfortunately, my drive doesn't seem to be working properly. My system will randomly hang and almost always hangs when trying to install updates to Win7 X64. The times that it doesn't hang when performing updates I get a message that says the updates failed.


So far I've tried: removing all other SATA drives from the system, updating the motherboard BIOS, trying both SATA communication modes, wiping the drive then re-installing the OS, changing OS power options to highest performance settings, and updating my drive's firmware from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3. None of these seemed to make any difference. My mobo is only capable of SATAII, so I haven't been able to test the SATAIII operation.


I've used Corsair products in the past and have always been happy. I knew purchasing this drive was a risk given past issues with the Force 3 series, but the sale price was too good to pass up (right at $1 a GB!)


My question is this: do the 180GB variants also suffer from the same issues others are seeing on the 120GB variant, or am I just a statistic of getting one of the few bad 180GB drives off the production line? I still have time to return this to the manufacture within the 15 day return period, but I'd prefer to hang onto the drive if an RMA would fix my issue.

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