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400R faulty front panel USB


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Hey everyone,


I'm having trouble with a faulty front panel USB socket on my brand new 400R case. One of the socket (the right one when facing the case) completely hang windows for a while when an external HDD (1TB) is plugged in. After a long time, windows eventually end up saying the drive need to be formated before use.

However if I plug the same HDD on the left socket, it is immediately recognized and works perfectly. I also tried another 2 socket thing (something similar) in the same motherboard plug and both socket worked perfectly, so I don't think the motherboard's at fault.


Anything I can try to fix it, or any way to get it replaced? (if possible without sending the entire case back, not really looking forward to unscrew everything :sigh!:).


Thanks for your time! :biggrin:

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(no reply from corsair yet)


After some poking around I believe I have the same problem as this guy, just a lesser version. What's been bugging so far:

- the hanging as explained above.

- if usb3 front panel is connected to MB, sometime comp will briefly start, shut and start again.

- if front panel audio is connected to my audio card (asus xonar D1, brand new), I couldn't install drivers and the system hang on shutdown similar to what happen with usb drive. Works perfectly once front panel has been disconnected.


Haven't tried the firewire port, but it seems like anything right of the first usb socket is messed up. :sigh!: I'll say I'm just glade it didn't fry my comp! :p

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Sadly I forgot to write it down... I was convinced I'd get a summary email *facepalms*.


I did however mention this thread, more exactly post id 540038 in my message, RMA was sent on 8th November. Had another RMA previously (#2262361) under the same email.

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Since I suspect my previous RMA request got lost somewhere in oblivion I've created another. RMA #2403312. Got confirmation email this time.


Edit: both my RMA got answered today... ah well sorted it at least.


Edit2: got the replacement panel. Fixes issues completely.

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