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600T - Poor support from Corsair


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Hey guys,


So I got my shiny new 600T special edition Monday last week. Everything looked good, no shipping damage. However, when I unpacked my case, I noticed that the front filter panel wasn't sitting quite right. No bid deal, I thought, just didn't get seated right at the factory or got knocked loose during shipping. When I tried to lock it in place again, I noticed one side secured and the other didn't. I popped it off again and noticed that the little tab on the one side was missing and it looked like the filter is sort of bent. Anyways, I read the notice on Corsair's website when I was looking to see if I could buy a replacement filter, to deal with them that they could send out just the replacement part. I filed a ticket with the RMA request thingy that day. Still have not received an email or anything. This is getting crazy. A week and still nothing. Not even an email confirming that they received my RMA request. Not a happy customer. I haven't had a chance to put this computer together because I am still waiting for my new mobo, but I hope the power supply isn't messed up too. I don't want to wait for a week+ to get a response if it is.


Ooops....now I feel bad...just noticed that they had sent me the info and I missed it. My bad.


Their support was actually pretty quick.

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