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3 options to mount H100 in push pull on Corsair 600T case


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I've played around with my H100 and 600T case and found these 3 options to be available for push pull:


First, I have to say pushing air into the case gives me the best temps, by far. Also, don't forget that all fans need to have the same static preassure, otherwise you may not get the desired results if one fan has to work harder than the other.


1. Mount the rad on the side mesh of the case. I saw one person do this. It works, but you are limiting your ability to move the side panel of the case.


2. Mount the rad on the top, but move it closer to the side panel (towards you). The back fan on the top won't be ligned up on all the screws, but enough screw holes are available to make it work (I checked). This will bring the rad further out from the mother board and will allow you to mount fans on the inside of the rad as well as the outside. My only issue was that the inside fan closest to the front of the case could not be mounted if my memory fan was mounted at the same time. Other than that, this approach works very well since you can do a full on push/pull using regular fans.


3. I mounted 4 120X120X12mm slim fans to the outside and inside of the rad and am getting very good temps. These fans are 39db with a CFM of 45.5 at 2K RPM. The fan is a Scythe, model SY1212SL12H. Please note that the mounting hardware changes and you will need to get new bolts and some washers since the fans are so slim the original bolts are too long. Just go to the hardware store, take the old bolts and find new ones the same width, only shorter. This is imperative as the old bolts are too long and will screw right into the rad.


My temps are 24-30c idle and usually no more than 31-32C when playing Battelfied 3 for a solid hour.


I love the slim fans as they work better than expected, but may try larger fans down the road. I have gone from a custom loop to the H100 with similar temps even though the custom loop has a full on double thick triple rad.


My rig i5 2500k (3.8Ghz, no real over clock just yet). Ambient temps are 74 -75 degrees.

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