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Bsod cmz16gx3m4a1600c9 16gb ddr3 sdram


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Hi all I'm getting weekly BSODs [memory managmen, PFN List]. I'll make it quick. Specs to follow.


Needed a new system. Ordered a new one and kept some parts from the old system (Case, 2 Video cards, PSU and a hard Drive)


Brought it home everything was fine. 2 weeks later BSOD every half hour. Ran MemTest. Failed after 2 minutes. Brought the desktop back to the store. Tech guys found nothing wrong after 2 days. Puzzled I asked if they ran Memtest. They said yes and the memory passed running the PC over night.


Took the computer home ran Memtest and sure as rain it passed. Week later the BSODs came back. I tested every stick individually... passed.


But I noticed something. When I got the BSOD and the system restarted I immediately ran MemTest. The Ram Failed.


However if I turned the power supply on and off then start up the computer MemTest passes and the computer works fine for about a week.


You see I never power down the computer fully I usually put it to sleep. Doing this causes the BSODs after a week or so.


The guy at the store suggested I have too much stuff hooked up to the computer. (3 monitors + a Wacom drawing screen and 2 video cards)


I ran the computer with 1 monitor and the same BSOD came up after a week.


Not sure what's going on here or what the symptom is telling me. Is it the RAM, PSU or Mobo?


The event manager in Windows 7 is error 41. Which means the Power was interpreted. Never got this on my old computer which is using the same PSU.


Also why would the RAM fail after a restart if the restart was caused by error 41?


I'm all for getting an new PSU if the PSU is the problem. It' is 4 years old. But I would be sorely pissed if I put a new PSU and still got the BSODs. So I just want to make sure.


Anyway here are my specs. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


New Parts

-Window 7 64Bit

-Intel Core i7 i7-2600K 3.40 GHz Processor

-Asus P8P67 PRO Desktop Motherboard

-Corsair CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 16GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory Module

-******** SSDNow SV100S2D/256GZ 256 GB Internal Solid State Drive \

-Internal Card Reader


Old Parts

- ******** 1000w Galaxy PSU

(3 monitor set up one monitor running 1920x1080)

- Nvidia 470 GTX

- Nvidia 7600

- 2 internal HDs for Data (500 GB and 1 TB)


So there you go. Any advice would be great.

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