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Early 2011 Macbook Pro 15"


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Corsair Force Series 3.


Intel 6 Series Chipset:


Vendor: Intel

Product: 6 Series Chipset

Link Speed: 6 Gigabit

Negotiated Link Speed: 6 Gigabit

Description: AHCI Version 1.30 Supported


Corsair Force 3 SSD:


Capacity: 240.06 GB (240,057,409,536 bytes)

Model: Corsair Force 3 SSD

Revision: 1.3.3

Serial Number:

Native Command Queuing: Yes

Queue Depth: 32

Removable Media: No

Detachable Drive: No

BSD Name: disk0

Medium Type: Solid State

TRIM Support: No

Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)

S.M.A.R.T. status: Verified



Been running for a week so far no issues. Opened 58 apps in less than 5 seconds.


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Have you tried to enable trim support yet? Are you concerned with trim support on the mac? I dont have the link handy but you can google "trim support mac" and should be able to find the terminsl commsnds to do this.


My force 3 is coming tomorrow and i'm hoping it will work in my 2011 mini server.

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