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Corsair H70 and strange sound


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I have an Corsair H70 which intermittently sounds as if something would vibrate in the pump (that thing that sits on the top of the processor). When I knock on top of the pump with my fingertip, the sound fades away.


Is this an indication that the cooler will end in Nirvana in near future?


P.S. CPU temperatures are normal.

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Can be a few things that can cause that symptom, most common is air trapped in the Pump casing the pump cavitation. The other cause is sometimes the cover on top of the cooler may be slightly loose and rattle, you may be able to address the Air symptom by laying the system on its side for a few hours and see if the noise goes away. If the cover is loose make sure its on properly and if its still is making so much noise that you can hear it about all of the other fans in your system please use the link on the left and request an RMA and we can replace it.
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