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Problem updating Force 2 60Gb SSD to 2.4


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I just installed my final replacement SSD which is a BRKT-A model, its a little slower but 5mb/s is not gonna make hardly any difference on an SSD so who cares.


I used ATTO to benchmark a fresh install of WIN 7 Pro x64 and I got a 236 mb/s Write and a 278 mb/s read, this is very close to my old SSD so again I am happy. I looked at the drive in Crystal Disk Info and it said I had firmware 2.1b, then noticed that a 2.4 firmware version is out, great.


Downloaded the new firmware and what a surprise it can not find my drive. I have TRIM enabled in Win 7, SSD info looks good, registry confirms that I am in AHCI and I have it set to AHCI in bios and had it set when doing a fresh install, even used Parted Magic 6.6 to write 0's to the drive when I got it in to make sure I go the best performance out of the drive. So after all this WTF is going on here?


Thanks for the help in advance.




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