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Corsair Force 3 240GB performance less than optimal...


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So, I've just upgraded my system (specs in my profile) with an SSD, Corsair Force 3 240GB to be exact. I've benched the drive with SiSoft Sandra and HDTune and both report less than optimal performance. To further clarify this issue, see the picture below. What's going on? I have it on P67 SATA III port and I have AHCI enabled. How can I get it's performance to the levels it's supposed to be at?



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Thanks for your reply! I ran the benchmarks and I got about half the points you got in some of the tests. About the drivers, I'm not actually sure which one is it currently using. I do have Intel Rapid Storage Technology installed, but when I go to device manager and see which driver is in use, it shows a Microsoft driver dated 21.6.2006. Scores are below:



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Even if it is, why am I not getting stable performance in Sandra? SSD should be able to read without fluctuations in the perfromance, shouldn't it?


It will depend on the type of data used in the tests. Your ATTO score looks fine. Your SSD seems to be working perfectly.

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Hi...just got a Corsair Force 3 120Gb with firmware 1.3 and it is just fine. no BSOD and no freezes at the moment.


- I have the ssd in a Intel Sata III port;

-AHCI mode;

- I have Intel RST installed, but dont know if that means I have those drivers installed.


Attached, are some tests I´ve made.


ATTO looks fine, but Crystal seems to be slow, and hd tune looks weird.

I still need to update bios. (my board is P8Z68-V Pro).


What you think. Is all ok with my ssd?




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