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XMS 3200XL Ram Timings


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these are my specs. [b]P4C800 E Deluxe 2.8E@3.8-Maze4-1 Block with 226 Watt TEC Idle -3C load is 23C Dual heatercore with shroud and 2 evercool chrome aluminum 120mm fans Aheim 1250 pump clear RES.Cylindricle ATI 9800 Pro with modded arctic silencer 2X36gig Raptors Raid0 2XWD 80g raid0 SoundBlaster Audigy Lite-on 52-32-52 CD-RW Black Lite-on 16Xdvd Black Scorpio 668WB Black Case with TTGI 550 Watt and Meanwell 19"DynaFlat Samsung syncMaster 955DF[/b] I want to know what settings I should use, to achieve MAX Overclock. The memory is TWINX 1024 3200XL.
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