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PSU killed my system: AX1200


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OK, a few months back, my AX-1200 which was only 4 months old at the time decided to take up smoking and died. I did not know if it was just the PSU that died or also other parts, as I do not have spares to test with.


So I used the local RMA channel to get the PSU replaced, which took over a MONTH for them to do. BUT when I got my PSU back I saw that my system was shutting down by itself and I was able to pin-point the problem to faulty RAM.

So I sent the RAM and only yesterday did I get the replacement...only to find BSODs, graphical corruption, data corruption. I got BSODs even when trying to go into safe mode or boot from the Windows 7 DVD.


So it turns out it is much more than dead RAM.


Since it was a corsair product that caused the problem, I would like to know what corsair will do about it.

I am sick and tired, dead bored without being able to game for months on my PC now :damnit:


Please dont ask me to send all of the above parts to Corsair, I am not a very rich guy who can pay $200+ shipping.

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