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AX1200W 12 volt rail


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I have had my new Corsair AX 1200 now for 2 months and sometimes when I open ASUS PC Prob II it shows my 12 volt rail at 11.80 volts at system idle and it takes about 1 min for it to come back up to 12.05, should I worry or is this ok? i built my system myself but had an old 950w psu in it which worked fine until I added my 2nd GTX 580 for sli so i bought the Corsair AX1200. so is this drop in voltage normal? my weak point is psu.

also my computer runs perfect so most likely the psu is ok plus i know you should not rely on software to monitor as it's just for reference:D:

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O.K. after aweek now my 12 volt supply sit's at 11.97 at idle and then drops all the way down to 11.74

it will no longer reach 12.02 like it use to and it's only 2 months old.

now what to do?

I know one thing, I am tired of every company making junk rather it's car's t.v.'s or computer part's everyone seem's to be making junk.

I just had a 1 year old 60 t.v. die !! thank god I had a warranty but it still took a month to get a new one and I didn't buy it online, so I can just imagine how long to get my AX1200 replaced when it dies as it was bought online which it looks like it's going to do.:mad:

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same readings with a meter and it's jumping all over the place and when it spikes at 13.85 volts now my computer reboots. what i found is 3 of the contact pins in the psu 24 pin connector were not installed very good during assyembly and they pushed far enough out to cause a poor connection. I snapped them back in the 24 pin pigtail and all is good.

also thanks for your help.

just so you know I have been a car and truck diagnostics tech for 35 years with my last 20 years performing diagnostics and programing of car and truck ECM/PCM (computers) so I was not going to give up on the psu yet as I felt it was not bad just had an issue somewhere and I found it.

car and truck computers are the same way if connections are poor they can cause all kinds of headaches, car and truck computers require 4 to 6 ground straps throughout and if just one fails it still works but trips the MIL (malfunction Indicator Lamp) same as the poor connections on my psu:biggrin:.

thanks again for your suggestions as I allways take them with an open mind as thats how we all learn

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