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Corsair Voyager GT 3.0 32GB - format help


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I want to format my drive to NTFS so I can fit files over 4GB on it, is this drive capable?


If so, why does it come in FAT32 by default?


What allocation size is recommended?


Can I just use the windows format tool (win 7) to do it, or do I need to use a specific program to ensure the process is completed properly?


With solid state drives performance is restored to maximum by secure erase, do I need to do something similar for this drive as it is also solid state memory?

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Yes, the drive supports it, all right.

And yes, you can use Win 7's default utilities to do it.

The default allocation size (4 KiB) is good enough.

But NTFS is a journaling File System, so it may help wear down the flashdrive prematurely.

MS recommends using exFAT, not NTFS. Another good option should be Ext2FS.

In any case, this is one of those situations in which YMMV.

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