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TR3X6G1866C7GT with SB-E


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A few questions, I have the Dominator-GT TR3X6G1866C7GT 7-8-7-20 1.65v kit (I love this kit) and I want to use it with the SB-E mobos with will soon released.


1st question, Does corsair have single stick of ram that is close to specs listed above that I could buy, so I can run quad channel in SB-E?


2nd question, If there is not a single stick that is close to specs listed above, do you think I will have a problem just running Tri channel on SB-E?




I was able to buy another Dominator-GT TR3X6G1866C7GT 7-8-7-20 1.65v kit.

Problem solved.



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I am sorry but the answer is no to both questions, if you are getting a new MB and CPU then you will likely have to get new memory as well as that chipset will likely be like the Intel Sandy Bridge as far as memory Voltage IE 1.5 Volts max.
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