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Looking for accurate info on the 600tSE and 650d


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So Ive dithered and dithered and trying to decide on which case to get.


Ive generally leaned more towards the 600T SE but I am really worried on the cooling of this case. It boils down to how the 200mm fans just dont seem to be upto scratch.


Im going to be using an H80 and 2 120mm Typhoons with this. What I really want to know is:


1) is ANY of the 200mm fans replaceble without having to hack at the case? Some people tell me you cant replace any of them, some say you can replace the front etc. I would appreciate a accurate answer to this if possible :)


2) For either case I was going to intake air from the front, and possibly from the side mesh panels (using 2 x 120mm fans) and exhaust from the top and back of the case. However Ive read that Corsair advise using the rear fan (my H80) to intake? Anyone have an experience on which method would provide the better cooling?


The build I will have will eventually have 2 GFX cards running....Ive I am going to spend £130 on a case I want to make sure Im getting good value for money. £130 on a case that just cant cope with the heat would IMO be a bad investment so thats why I am checking first :)


Any info would be greatly apprecaited.



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I have the 600T and can tell you that the 2 hard drive cages can be taken out. You can mount the bottom hard drive cage at the bottom of the case next to the power supply. All the holes are there to do so and it was designed to do this. With the hard drive cages out you can replace the front 200M fan with something thicker and better. This works really well and is very easy to do so. In fact the cabling from the hard drive to the new location has been thought out as well. This case is really nice, I have the White one.
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1. the accurate answer would be that both 200mm fans are replaceable however the space for the front fan is slim so you can't really fit any non-slim fan there unless you take away both hard drive cages (both cages are easily removable and you can mount one in front of the power supply)

2. you'll get better CPU temperatures with it as an intake but probably only by a few degrees so certainly not required to do have it as intake, with side intake it may have even less impact on temperatures as all it does is ensure the radiator gets fresh air

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You can replace the front 200mm fan with a better one however you will have to remove the two HD cages in order to fit a wider 200mm fan in there. Removing the cages is easy by removing a couple of screws.Here is a closer look at the 650D with a CM 200mm fan instead of the stock 200mm.


The top on 200mm fan can be easily replaced by 2*120 mm fans or 2*140mm fans or one 200mm.


Since you're planning to run dual GPU's I would suggest to get a mesh side pannel and have a extra intake to get better cooling to the GPU's.


Here is a pic of my 650D with the side mesh and one of the 200mm Corsair fans on it; only diff form the pic posted is the CM cover for the HD bay in the 5.25" slots which is now the same as the grill bottom grill so the front of the case looks uniform.



I run a 6870 card which has 3 fans on it and its 12.1" long and I have absolutely no problems and with the side intake I will probably get great results with a second installed 68xx series card.


Currently I run 2*200m(CM and Corsair) and 1*120mm(CM R4) fan as intake and 3*120mm(Corsair) fans as exhaust

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