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Copper stand 500R


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Just started asembly my new comp with the Carbine 500R and Asus P8Z68-V PRO motherboard and now im wondering about the stands!


It seems all the stands are in the case for a ATX Motherboard but the 3 up in the top do I have to put stands in the holes or what ?


I can see they are concave in the shape so do I just use them as they are or should I put 3 stands from the plastic bag that comes with the case in the holes ?


I know its a dumb question and im ashamed hehe, but just to be sure :roll:

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Hey G50EED!


Okey then I just screw them right in there without any standoffs so thanks mate you saved my day :)


I thought so to as they are concave and put standsof there must only make the motherboard come in an akward posision but best to ask so be sure so thanks again!


Best regards


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