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Corsair HS1 usb headset problem.


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I ordered Corsair HS1 usb headset from Pixmania at the end of the august. Its a nice headset, sound is amazing. But all of the suddenly today the right speaker just didn't work anymore. When i move the wire sound come back for a sec and then its gone again from the right speaker. There seems to be some bad wire connection between the control remote and the speakers. What should i do next now ? I mean they werent cheap ones. 91 euros. What should be my next step ? I mean im not gonna fix this by myself. I hope you guys can help me. I already filled the rma form in homepage.



best regards




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This will be somewhat pointless post because I was not looking forward to replacing HS1 and now I have voided the warranty anyway, but... attached are photos of what I saw inside volume control/mic shutoff thingy when the headset finally "died" on me after a month or so of intermittent crackling/mic disappearing issues when moving the cord/using the volume control.


One wire (DM? on the right) has come off - that's the reason the headset died, I guess. The three exposed wires on the left - GND, LO and M-, is the insulation supposed to be removed that way, considering the wires were tucked under and very likely rubbing against the PCB/contacts/other wires? Brownish discoloration on the PCB around the wire contacts - from sparks, perhaps? Some of the green PCB coating scratched off around the bottom left edge. I'm obviously not a specialist, but aren't the wires supposed to be soldered all the way through the provided holes (seen from top side of PCB on second pic) and not simply on bottom side of PCB?


HS1 was nice while if lasted (about one third of the time compared to two times cheaper stuff I was buying before) but the insides of the control thingy look shoddy and frail. Maybe you guys should be more demanding towards the manufacturer..?


Thanks for reading my complaint :)



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