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SSD usage: Boot vs Data


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Any advice / technical ref on above mentioned config? That is, I have Win7 on my HDD and 'hungry' games on my SSD...


In my head Im thinking thats the way to go, why use a SSD to boot windows, use the SSD for demanding games.


Yet seems I see pretty much only SSD's being used for system drive.


Am I missing a functionality/taking a perf hit on the SSD or Windows by using my SSD for Data instead of system?

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Am I missing a functionality/taking a perf hit on the SSD or Windows by using my SSD for Data instead of system?


Depends on how you feel about your PC now. If you don't feel booting takes forever, or copying files is not slow, or the PC does not seem generally slow, then use the SSD as a program and data drive. Your performance will not degrade using the SSD as a program drive.


Even though your board, basically SATA II interface with the Marvell (almost) SATA III, will not get the ultimate performance from a SATA III SSD (what do you have?), I'm sure you'll notice the difference in load times of games or pdf files, for example.


You can always load your current copy of Windows on the SSD, keeping the other on HDD of course, and see how you like it, and take it from there.


Regardless of what the SSD is used for, it is worth it to use AHCI mode with your SATA interface. You'll need to read up on that if you need to change from your current mode. If it is RAID now, you're fine, nothing to change.


This is a case of try things and see how you like it. Many people start from scratch with their SSD, and some have problems, but you can basically fool around with it and see what you like, a great position to be in.

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Honestly, this is a confusing question.


SSD's are xxx times faster than HDDs in every aspect. Seek times, random 4K, sequential transfers... It's a complete and vastly superior replacement.


Question is, why WOULDN'T you want all your performance sensitive data (OS, applications, and to some degree games) to benefit from this?


Oh, and your games do not load THAT much faster (few seconds only, but this may vary of course - tomshardware has an article on this iirc), so an approach where you'd move your less-used games to a regular spinner to make room for your favorite games on the SSD it self is indeed a valid one.

This of course does not matter if you have lots of money for a nice and big SSD like 256GB+

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SSD for MMO's is great, because the game is constantly loading from the drive.

single player games.... not so noticeable aside from the initial load times, not needed but probably still nice for big maps where you notice the load hiccups or chugs as you are driving/riding/running.


I'm testing SW:TOR right now and I won't go into any NDA breaking details but an SSD is GREAT for that game... it really is THAT much faster.

but it's beta, it will all likely load faster and perform better once the game goes live.

just saying the difference between sata2 HDD and sata2/3 SSD is there and noticable.


windows... pfft. it boots up in 20-30 sec just on my sata2 HDD, everything else is fast enough for me too.

I suppose it's going to depend on how much windows stuff you do VS gaming stuff.

if you can, do both. :)

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