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CM2X1024-6400C4D/HX asus commando, bios 901


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I've got a really strange issue.. I have a fairly old pc now and recently wanted to upgrade the processor to a Q8400.. The commando (P965) was never designed to run a Q8400 (FSB1333), however Asus brought out a bios upgrade to resolve this..


I upgraded my bios and installed the new CPU successfully however Windows 7 would BSOD.. I realised that issue was with the memory.. I ran the memtest+ and saw a stream of failures when all memory was inserted, however i decided to test each pair seperately.


Pair A CM2X1024-6400C4D - in Bank 1

removed this pair and then

Pair B CM2X1024-6400C4DHX - Bank 2


This passed, so i can probably assume that there is nothing wrong with either the memory or the memory slots.


The only thing I've currently changed from default for all tests is to up the voltage to 2.1V. Everything is currently on default.


I also think the memory is being slightly overclocked by the motherboard to support this CPU to PC2-6700 as opposed to PC2-6400..


At the moment i'm essentially running with 2Gb of ram.. Do you know why all memory inserted together would be causing a stream of failures..


Update - So I have maintained the voltage at 2.1Ghz for the memory but brought down the frequency 667Mhz and now Memtest+ is not failing.. I'm assuming the problem was related to CPU/DRAM frequency ratio..


Next thing i'm going to do is up my CPU frequency from 333Mhz to 400Mhz (overclocking my Q8400 to 3.2Ghz) and then bump by memory back to DDR2-800, however i don't remember all the EPP profile settings for Asus commando. They used to be on this site and i unfortunately flashed my Bios without writing them down (rookie mistake).. Does anyone have them?


Solved - Ok so after doing some reading on the forums, Ram guy has advised a lot people to run this memory at 667Mhz when all dimms slots are populated as 800Mhz is going to be an unecessary strain on the memory controller. As a result i'll leave it at 667Mhz giving me a sweet CPU/DRAM frequency ratio of 1:1 and instead i've just adjusted my timing to 4-4-4-12.. Its running very well and now with my new CPU is churning through Battlefield 3 at around 60fps.. :-)



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