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I posted in the wrong section... sorry


I've gone through 3 Corsair 1000HX Power supplies in the last 2-3 years. I RMA it, they send me a new one. Rinse and repeat. Well I'm tired of this happening to me. I dont want another 1000HX and have it die next year. Is there any chance Corsair would send me a 1050HX instead? I heard it is made better. I'm just tired of the 1000HX dying on me.


I would like to do an advanced RMA if possible. I also want to make sure I am getting a 1050HX. I'll pay extra, I dont care. I just dont want another 1000HX in my system. I've had too many scares already.


My RMA number is 1265942

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I am sorry but you would need to contact our customer service to work that out, but if you have went through three PSU there has to be some other reason why they are failing we just do not get that many failures on our PSU Especially the HX1000.
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