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Desktop Windows 7 installation


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I tried to install Win 7 Pro on my desktop today on a Force 3 180 GB.


I have changed the BIOS to AHCI. (It had been on RAID, with a single HDD.) With the Corsair installed as the only HDD, I booted from the Win 7 DVD. I chose custom installation. In the window where I am to chose the location for the OS, there were no drives shown.


I have had this drive hooked up to the computer through a USB bridge and directly to the motherboard. I have formatted it with no problem. When I boot the machine with the drive installed as the only HDD, the BIOS screens show the drive. The OS install program even shows a C: drive when I attempt to search for a driver. I also see on this browse screen all the USB drives,and the DVD drive, and even a Boot X: drive (?). I just do not see it as a drive to which the OS can be installed.


What gives? Am I going to be able to use this in place of a HDD or not?

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Try plugging the SSD in another system.


Is it detected?


If not, Submit an RMA.


If it is detected


-Try plugging it in a different port

-Try a different SATA cable

-Reseat the SATA power connector.

I think I might have a problem with motherboard age. I will try a disk erase, but I may just bag it on this system. I now have a different focus.

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It is an HP e9180f. I will look for a BIOS upgrade. I think there was one available when I put Win 7 on the machine. I did not do it because I pass on BIOS upgrades unless I read something in the literature related to some problem I have had. Since I have not had any problems, I leave it alone. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
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