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Where did my drive go?! Oh, and what version is my drive?


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It seems I have one of those drives that works fine for a few months then starts to BSOD or disappear from the OS. Is there anything I can test to see if the drive is goosed? I am not sure what model it is, the label on the brick says :


120GB 2.5" SSD

Part # : cssd f120gb2

Big a*s serial number


I've lived without it for a few months now but using standard HDD's is getting on my wazz a bit. Help?

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I had the same issue with my FS 60GB SSD disappearing on my MSI board. Mine was an older Force Series and had the v1.0 firmware.


What I did:

1. Power off my PC, unplug the SSD from the motherboard (I usually just disconnected the SATA cable).

2. Boot up past the BIOS (including all the AHCI controller and RAID controller info) and then power off (I was using mine for the main OS, so i let it boot as far as it would go).

3. Plug the SSD back in, power on, and then my board would see the SSD again.


If you can get the OS to see the SSD again, you can use CrystalDisk Info to see what firmware version you have. You may also want try updating the BIOS on your MOBO; and if you do reinstall windows, make sure AHCI is turned on in the BIOS as well.

I am now running firmware v2.0 and haven't had this problem since the update.

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