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Force Series 3 in SATA2 mode? Is there a way?


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Unless I'm misunderstanding anything, any SATA 3 drive should run perfectly fine under SATA 2.


SATA 3 just allows for faster transfer rates.


If you run a SATA 3 drive in a SATA 2 chipset/port, it should run fine but obviously won't have SATA 3 speeds, is all. Don't expect super awesome top of the line performance, however the SSD should still outperform a regular HDD.

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What I need is actually the other way around.


Newest MacBook Pro's do have SATA3 port, however the cable suffers from intereference (some frontal LED cable runs along with it) and therefore when operating on SATA3 speeds, things get a little messy.


What I would like to do is actually DOWNGRADE de speed to SATA2 but since both the drive and the computer has SATA3, they always try to negotiate SATA3 speed (sometimes works, sometimes doesnt).

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