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AX1200 starts up but shutdowns shortly afterwards


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My problems began last night. I typically leave my pc on most of the time. When I had awoken this morning it was off. Tried to power up and no response. I pulled the power supply plug and reattached and it would power up for a short period of time. Sometimes as long as 5 minutes or so. I had no load (no games or computation intensive tasks running), it would just shut off. It will not power up again until the power supply cord has been pulled and reattached.


I have tried reseating power cables to all components inside the pc with no change. I reseated video cards and ram modules, I have also tried different configurations of ram modules. Anyone have any suggestions before I run down to Frys and grab an ********




PS. Built the system myself in about February this year, nary a problem until today

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