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Can Lack of Power Cause SLI Issues?


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I changed cases yesterday from an older style I've had for years to a new Coolermaster HF922 Mid Twr. The only thing that really changed was it went from (4) 80mm Fans to (3) 120mm & (1) 80mm fan. This is my first post, so I don't know if it appends your system specs at the bottom, but here they are anyway:



Quad 9550 2.83 GHz


(2) GTX 560ti OC Video SLI (170W Max Draw per Card or 340W total)

(2) 500G SATA HDDs (Raid)

(1) 500GB IDE Back Up HDD

(2) CD-DVD-R/W

(1) Corsair 750W PS (2 years old; Black w/ Orange Writing Model. Don't know exact model)

(1) 802.11g USB Wireless Adapter

(1) Wireless Mouse

(1) USB Keyboard

(3) 120mm Fans

(1) 80mm Fan


So; the issue is after changing out the case I started getting the flickering red screen when running SLI. I didn't have this before and the configuration did not change except for the new case. I performed all the routine steps like reloading the drivers. It goes into SLI Mode in control panel with no issues. I don't know if the increased fan sizes may have made a difference, but I wanted to know if lack of power could sometimes cause this type of issue. It happening in the same game I used to play with no issues. I read the .pdf on calculating power requirements and came up with 649W. I used several calculators on the web and took the average of the two that seemed to work (had power figures close to that calculated from .pdf) and got 659W. 80% of 750W is 600W, so I'm just over the 80% threshold. Anyway, I'm trying to make an informed decision on whether lack of power could be causing the issue, and if so; whether or not to buy a new PS. If so, what power rating?


I don't plan on adding another VC or additional hardware. If anything, I may go w/ SSDs which would lower the requirments. Has anyone seen this issue? And could lack of power cause these symptoms?


Thank you for any help you can give me!

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"I wanted to know if lack of power could sometimes cause this type of issue." Yes it's possible but in your case I would doubt it since you were running fine before. I'd try reseating the SLI bridge connector and the DVI connector from the monitor (both ends) to see if all it is is an intermittent bad connection. Hopefully when you reloaded the video driver you were using you didn't update to the latest version but just reloaded the stable ones you were using.
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