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H80 + Carbide500R


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New user here and I just got my comp stuff that I ordered the other day and will start building a new gaming Pc :)


But all can be a little owerwhelming so exuse this newbie but I can surely need some help.


I got this great Carbide 500R case and the H80 cooler and now I wonder how the heck do I assamble it :eek:


I have not order any more fans so it is all stock thats in the case btw.


Do I have to switch the fan in the rear or what?

Please help me out as I dont know at all where to begin


Best regards


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You will remove the rear fan and, also, the rubber gromets in the screw holes. The H80 will mount where the rear fan was. You can use that rear fan as an exhaust fan on the top of your 500R. There are some pictures of my finished build in a thread called "Carbide 500R Is Wonderful". My setup uses the H70 which is similar in size to your H80 and mounts to the case in much the same way.
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