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CX600 compatibility/quality issue


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We've been using CX600 PSUs in our builds, all with Intel brand motherboards, for some time now with no issues.


Today, however, it was found that the Intel model DH67VR motherboard will not post when powered by a CX600. We tried with 4 different motherboards with different processor and memory configurations. No post when connected to any of the 4 CX600 PSUs we have in stock. Lights come on, fans spin, but no post.


Testing is on the bench with only motherboard (onboard video), 1 stick of RAM, keyboard, mouse and monitor (DVI).


The boards post fine when connected to a non-Corsair PSU (old 465 Watt units, at that) and the PSUs all test fine on the PSU tester. Multimeter shows 12V rail at 11.91 under load.


Any suggestions are welcome.


**Edit: Just tried a TX650W; works just fine...

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