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Rebate denied after promise? Help


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I purchased Corsair 850HX from Amazon back in August, and it comes with 2 different rebate from Corsair. One is $20 rebate and the other one is $10 rebate. I need to get both rebate to get the correct Amazon price at the time of purchase.

The problem was I have only 1 UPC code from the box, but there are 2 rebate form asking for it. Also the promotion codes are different (#39290-PR and #39270-PR)

So I contacted customer support asking what to do.


This was the reply I got.


'This was an error on our side. Please send them in separate envelopes. One rebate will be denied because there’s no UOPS barcode in it. Once you received the denial notification, please reply to this e-mail with the tracking no. and we will manually approve it from our side. Thank you.'


So I checked the status and the 2nd one was denied as predicted. I tried to contact the person I got the email reply.


No answer back...

What should I do at this point?

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I wasn't able to talk to the same person, but I think he did what he told me he would before getting transferred to other dept.

I finally received the rebate check in mail.

It took 4 months and lots of calls and e-mails going back and forth, but I got my 2nd $10 rebate check in the end.

It didn't have to be this terrible.

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