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Force 3 120GB - system hangs/slow downs


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Hi there! I've got a Corsair Force 3 120GB that I updated to 1.3.3 firmware. I still get system hangs of about 10-30 seconds, where the operating system gets "stuck."


I mostly built my machine to be able to play Battlefield 3. Not play it with the best system, but play it with a Windows 7 system that was okay.


The hangs seem worrying. It actually hung up once while loading a map/game in Battlefield 3, and things sort of froze at that point until the system caught up. Battlefield 3 is *very* new too, so that could have been the game's fault. However, this has happened while i'm just surfing the internet or doing things on the computer - not in a game.


I've read other reports of this drive doing this kind of behavior, didn't know if anyone had any insight.


Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Oh, I installed Windows 7 with AHCI enabled on the drive. Not IDE mode.


And full disclosure, I installed Windows 7 with the drive firmware as 1.3.2 - then updated to 1.3.3 yesterday. Then shortly thereafter still had a system hangup for about 20 seconds.


When things hang up, i can still move the cursor around, and maximize windows, but i can't do anything meaningful in those windows. Then, when the computer "comes back around" it will actually perform all of the actions i randomly clicked on, as though they were queued...but were waiting to "fire off."


I also want to add that I've used Corsair memory for quite awhile and I'm a big fan. When I saw a good price on this drive, I jumped on it. I can deal with occasional hang ups - I suspect this is something to do with the firmware of the drive...however, on the way home from work today i'm going to buy a nicer SATA cable...and replace the el cheapo I got with my motherboard.


Come to think of it, I'll buy two SATA cables - the first couple of apparent "hangs" occurred when I inserted disks into my DVD drive....so maybe the cables are the culprit? I also had hangups when not using the DVD drive, though.


So to summarize:

Hangups. Randomly, not frequently.

DVD drive and hard drive both use SATA cables that came with the motherboard.

Firmware 1.3.3

AHCI mode on hard drive. IDE mode for DVD drive.

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I haven't reinstalled Windows.


I installed Windows with firmware 1.3.2, had random system hangs, not frequent, but at least once during the time i'd interact with the computer (a few hours a day).


Then i updated the firmware to 1.3.3, and shortly thereafter again had a hang.


I also haven't installed AMD chipset drivers. I just updated the motherboard chipset with what Asus recommended on their website.

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It was an interesting morning - but not because of my SSD :S


I downloaded and installed the "AMD Chipset" update for my motherboard, but when i went to install, it came up as ATI Catalyst...so, since i'm running an Nvidia video card, I was hesitant to continue. However, my onboard graphics are disabled, so i figured what the heck - and part of the update was for my Northbridge chipset...I hope that's what is intended by "update your AMD chipset."


I also changed my SATA cables to a couple from the local store.


I did see that my Windows 7 install was using MS AHCI drivers, and that I had an update for AMD AHCI drivers for my motherboard...

  • do AMD AHCI drivers handle this drive better than MS?


As I've run ATTO benchmarks - I see my drives getting about 250-275MB/s transfer rates on SATA2 3GB/s, which i think is pretty good! However, the smaller files (8.0 and smaller) seem to have wildly different transfer rates - sometimes 15,000, sometimes like 600 for read or write? Is that typical for SSD's to handle smaller files so strangely? The bigger files all have pretty fast/consistent transfers.


At that point, while trying to reply to this forum, my screen kept going blank and coming back - so i thought i'd hosed my Nvidia video card with the ATI Catalyst install thing. Then i noticed my keyboard didn't work as well :confused:


Turns out my KVM switch was freaking out - keyboard non functional, display going haywire.


So i directly connected my keyboard/display, and all seems well.


I'll be using the computer at length in the next couple of days. Maybe the KVM was having issues and causing my hangups.

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Just a question.. Wtf is "secure erasing"? .. Im swedish and dont understand that quit... Is it the same as low-level-format a harddrive or do I need a tool to do this or is it enough doing it in Windows 7 installation-program?


It's a means of erasing an SSD that differs from a format.


This link might help:



Parted Magic seems to be a recommended way to perform the secure erase.


So, it's like formatting, but unique to SSD's. it's a specific command issued to write zeroes to the SSD drive.

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So, update.


It appears that having updated to firmware 1.3.3 for my drive, as well as updating my motherboard's chipset, has stopped the hanging/slow downs (as best I can tell).


Incidentally, my drive shipped to me as firmware version 1.3.2 (i checked before updating my firmware).


So far, I haven't had to erase/reinstall Windows 7. :D:


And this drive is awesomely fast vs a traditional hard drive. Battlefield 3 is running great! The only glitches have been the game (freezes during map rotation etc) which I do a CTRL+ALT+DLT to stop the BF3 program to fix.


Thanks everyone for the help - hopefully my issues are over.


Oh, and thanks for the Ultimate Bootable USB Flash Drive, Corsair! Totally sweet :cool:

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