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Force GT 60GB Performance


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Hi everybody!


After spending the second evening in front of my PC browsing the www for known issues or maybe a chance to solve the problem I decided to sign in in this forum.


I am using a brand new Corsair Force GT 60 GB in my HTPC equipped with a Asus AT3N7A-I ION based Motherboard. The AHCI mode is activated and is functional. I tested the stock MS AHCI driver and the nVidia AHCI driver for this board. Right now I am using the one from nV because it offers me the possibility to view on what speed my drives are running. The HDD is running at SATA/300 while the SSD is only running @ SATA/150. The question is: WHY? The performance is really disgusting considering the fact that this is a damn SSD. Maybe the controller on my ION Board is not the best but hey! Even SATA/300 should be possible!


Things I tested:


- upgraded to the latest BIOS

- tested MS AHCI and nVidia AHCI driver

- upgraded the firmware to 1.3.3

- changed the S-ATA cable

- tested different S-ATA ports on my board


It is not possible to adjust the speed of the SATA drives in BIOS manually.


Here is a picture showing the "performance" of the SSD from yesterday night:



And from ATTO:




I hope someone can give me a hint.

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Your SSD is Sata3 6GB/s but your motherboard does not have any Sata3 6GB/s connections. It only has three Sata2 3GB/S connections. So you will never see the full potential speeds of your SSD because your motherboard is limiting you.


Also your CPU is just an Atom 330 so even if your motherboard had a Sata 6GB/s ports your CPU might bottleneck the SSD from its full potential.

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