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H80 pump & led isn't working.


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Just bought the awesome H80 setup to mount on my Intel Q6600 on the Asus P5Q pro. :D:

The mechanical part of the installation is easy due to the pics in the manual, but the electrical part is a bit of a riddle. :roll:

Since there is no or not alot of info about the electrical components, i watched this video and installed my H80 in the same way:


I've connected both fans to the cpu block, connected the molex to the psu and the other wire on my cpu-fan connection on the motherboard.


When i turn on my computer the fans start spinning so it seems the setup is getting power, but i don't see any light on the cpu block?


I've also tried to disconnect the fans and tried another molex power plug and used the power-fan connection on the mobo, but still nothing is happening ???


Am i missing something or is this hv80 pump defect? :confused:

Could you guys help me out with some tips and pointers?

Is there a fuse in the cpu block that might been blown?

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Perhaps a stupid question, but did you press the button on your H80, on the pump's fan controller?


To select a fan speed profile, the button is pushed and you should see the series of lights come on one at a time as you push the button, until the sequence starts over.

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Thanks for your response guys! :)


Called the store and they gave me a new set, installed it the same way and now i'm up and running :)


@parsec there wasn't any light and no rpm's on the cpu-fan readout.

With the new set i'm getting at least one light and i hear the fan speed change when cycling trough the profiles and i'm getting around 2100rpm on my cpu readout :D


Only "problem" left is the high temps, in the performance mode the temps will reach 85degrees within a couple of minutes after starting prime95 :(

And i can't hear the fans go any faster when the temp climbs, but maybe they already at max? I also don't hear them slow down when i reach 36degrees idle.

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When you mention "degrees", for specificity, presumably that is in Celsius? With the different measurement types, misunderstandings can happen on occasion.


85 C is far too high ultimately m8!!! Something still isn't quite right there!!!


Just to be sure, when you say "performance mode", that you have pressed the user profile button on the CPU's Water Block so that all 3 LED's light up, correct?


If so, even if extreme clocked and under serious loads, your CPU really should not be reaching temps as high as 85 C.


Ensure that any automated fan monitoring/adjustment measures are disabled for the CPU_FAN header, where again presumably you've connected your H80's tacho lead to? Otherwise, you may need to check your CPU block's physical installation, which is going to involve removing it, checking that as far as you can see that the CPU Water Block had a good and proper contact with the CPU etc.


Otherwise, how have you mounted your radiator and fans? Are they in a push / pull config as directed by Corsair, and are you setup to pull cold air in from outside the case, through the radiator? Or, are you set up to pull warm air from within the case through the radiator and out?


What are your ambient temps? also fill in the system specs in your profile so the guys that read these posts know what hardware you have to give more specific advise on the issue!!!

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Thanks for your quick detailed answer. I ment °C indeed :)

And when it reached 85°C i stopped the Program to prevent wrecking my cpu.


Performance mode = 3leds on the cpu's block.


I'm running the Intel Q6600 @ 3.2ghz @ 1.350v and my old Artic Freezer 7 pro managed to keep the cpu around 70°C.

So this was to high for my opinion so i decided to buy the H80 after seeing the H80 wooping the Artic Freezers *** in the benchmarks. :)


I disabled the cpu's fan management in the bios.


After reading the topic about "faulty backplates" i removed the whole set(again :P ) and found out there was alot of wobble. So i placed some washers behind my Asus P5Q pro MB to act as spacers and now the cpu water block is nice and tight.


I'm using the *** One Hundred case(looks like i can't use the brand name?), replaced the case rear fan with the H80 kit and kept the top fan in place.


I'm have tried both setups, blowing trough the radiator in the case and blowing out of the case trough the radiator.


After finding the mounting issue i was super excited to try it out again.

Cleaned the cpu & waterblock surfaces with some alcohol, applied some Artic silver paste on the cpu(cross method) and mounted the cpu water block again.


Started in "performance mode/3leds", after Windows was ready for use the temp was around 38°C(ambient is ~21°C), launched Realtemp 3.6 and CoreTemp 0.99 to monitor temps and "CPUID Hardware Monitor" to monitor the pump speed.


Started again with Prime95 in Blend mode and could hear the H80's fans getting louder............... but also seeing the temps getting to 75°C after a couple of minutes so i stopped the test to prevent wrecking my cpu ;)


I'm getting totally frustrated with this setup right now :(


Anyone got some pointers left or do i just need to get a "normal" cooler? ;)

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@parsec, you know you're awesome right??? You are a hero !!!! :praise: :D: :headbang2


Opened my case and noticed some capacitors next to the CPU socket, but as far as i could see they didn't hit the CPU block.

Just for the sake of it i removed the CPU block and boy was i wrong:zzzz: and parsec soooooooooooooooooo right! :greengrin


Notice the 2 capacitors on the right, the one in the middle is unharmed :bigeyes:






Cleaned everything up, applied some new paste and turned the block clockwise so the water hoses are now at the bottom and mounted the CPU water block.


Then i hooked up my pc, i couldn't wait to try it out....

Ambient still ~21°C

Started With the Performance profile(3lights), idle ~35°C and loaded after 10minutes of prime95, yes yes..... ~50°C :D: :D: :D: :D: :D:


Then switched to Balanced profile(2lights) and after 15minutes the temp. was ~55°C :D:


And last, switched to the Quiet profile(1light) and after another 15minutes i got an average of ~61°C


To sum it up:

Bought the H80, pump&light didn't work.

Got another H80 unit, still running hot.

Found the issue with the loose backplate, remounted everything, still running hot.

Thanks to the awesome tip of parsec i found out that i'm a n00b that doesn't notice the CPU water block wrecking my capacitors :D:

Turned the CPU water block.. and setup is finally running like it should :D: :D:


Just a last question, can i run into any problems by not placing the CPU water block the right way up?

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To answer your final question first. There is no "right way up" for the CPU block per se, or the radiator for that matter. You can mount them as per your preference, as required, or as you've discovered, as permitted by free space.


Otherwise......There ya go, amazing what a bit of extra information will do when explaining your issues, especially providing system specs :).


Oooops on the "dented" capacitors, one hopes they haven't suffered any undue harm and hopefully all they've suffered is just a bit of cosmetic damage.


Glad you are all sorted, hope your H80 serves you trouble free from here on in :).

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Thanks Johnny77, but I was just repeating what I read in this forum in the past. Other people have had this problem too, and when I noticed your board's model, I thought I should mention it.


Very glad it helped you. Since your PC is running fine, no damage was done to those caps.

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