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HS1 - left, right, up, down, back, forth inverted


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Okay guys, this is my story.


I actually bought two HS1 headsets. one for work/music and one for home/gaming.


I was really satisfied at first, but then I noticed something in game (Battlefield 3)... all sound was inverted. All sound supposed to come in front of me, came behind, and sounds from my left came from my right etc.


After much "debugging" I found out a simple toggle on/off of mode within the "Corsair USB Headset Control Panel" would fix the inverted sound.


By doing that, mumble stops working and I have to restart it, connect to server and join the room I was in. Then I ALT+TAB back to BF3 and throw a grenade or medkit to my left or right side just to double check my sound.


This routine is starting to piss me off. I noticed a new driver was released for HS1 last month (I actually got my headsets 1 day before the driver release).


So I followed the instructions and upgraded. I was very pleased with the new Control Panel - You guys ironically added a "Left + Right Balance", which allows me to shorten my routine a few steps (windows control panel, sound, properties, levels, balance, adjust right channel).


Now I could just open the new Corsair Control Panel, adjust balance to right, open spotify, start a song, check where my right sound comes from, toggle 7.1 mode or some other mode, restart mumble, connect, join room - then I could play my games (it happens HoN too - very confusing).


Only temporarily though, since I have NO idea when this occurs, but it's definitely a driver issue, since I've tested both my headsets.


I'm running Windows 7 64 bit.


Same OS at work, same drivers - but the sound seems to work.


I suspect the issue occurs when ALT+Tabbing between games/windows or playing games in general. I don't know, you guys should know.


You should really have your driver development crew to try reproducing this issue by playing Battlefield 3 or HoN.


So, please give the customers, including me a new driver! This headset is too good, comfortable and awesome to be returned.




originally posted in the HS1 Drivers V 1.1 thread

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