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Could my Force GT be causing this?


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Hey all thanks in advance for the help.


First off have had my Force GT 120GB in raid 0 for a few months now with seemingly no problems and amazing speed!


That being said, there is a specific problem with my computer that I am pretty sure is due to a faulty graphics card, however I wanted to make sure it is not related to the SSDs (it started happening around the same time I got them), before I go off and spend $500 on a new GPU.


During gaming many times either


a. the computer will crash to a black screen, blank monitor while the sound still runs, but computer must be manually shut down.


b. the computer crashes to a black screen with a sound loop, or the game freezes with sound loop;... both require manual shut down.


Is there anyway this could be related to firmware (im using 1.3.2, or the SSDs at all? I have tested the psu, sound card, memory, etc etc... I believe it is the graphics card I would just like to make sure it could not be the Solid States.)


Thank you!

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The problems seem like it is a driver/ Overclock problem. I've experienced these problems on BFBC2.


-Update all your drivers.

-If you have an oced CPU and GPU. Save your settings and revert to default stock settings.


Then check if the problem still appears.


If the issues still appear try a secure erase and reinstall of Windows.

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Best way to rule out the disks as the source of error is to borrow a regular HDD to use for OS drive and see if the problem still occurs. Or borrow another graphics card.


It can be hard reaching a conclusion based on what you describe, but honestly I don't think it's an SSD problem. Do they get detected by the BIOS if you use the reset button after a crash?

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