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My Corsair 90gb Force 3 performance Macintosh iMac Mid 2010


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Hi all,


I just like to share my experience of a Corsair SSD Force 3 mounted in a 2010 model iMac rather disappointing and find answers on the fofo, why not?


Well just after perf test using Disk Speed Test. The last 111 m'affiche writing and 200MB / s read. ::pirate::


Especially since it was announced at 500 and 550mo / s SATA III ben heard.


I am beautiful is well in sata II, serves ... But I expected at least half the perfs announced by the manufacturer!


Knowing that the old SSD I installed was a Vertex 2 (OCZ) has turned him into the 260MB / s in E and L.


At first I thought an update was found necessary to correct the perfs, but I did make the last maj 1.3.3 before mounting.


So I do not know, I'm at an impasse. That if a person returns to this product, I am.


Thank you.



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