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New TX750 flashes, spins, then fails.


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I purchased a TX750 because my generic PSU is causing shutdowns during graphics-intensive activities (this confirmed, I've ran tests on all other hardware, nothing overheats etc. During graphics and psu stress tests, computer shuts down after a few minutes).

I removed my old psu as per usual, noting the amount and type of cables plugged in, and emulated this exactly with the new power supply, there being no difference in the kinds of connectors required previously:

1x24pin motherboard power

1x8pin 12v

1x8pin, 1x6pin gpu power

1xaux power to fans

1xsata power to dvd drive

1xsata power to hdd


The computer does not turn on; when the button is pressed, the LEDs and fans briefly light up and spin, but then die after less than a second. I'm pretty certain all my connectors are tight and secure, and I can't find anything that should be plugged in that isn't. I've found threads with this problem already on this site, but all solutions offered have been exhausted e.g. The PSU passes the paperclip test, all other components working, etc. Some help would be appreciated before I cave and pay someone to repair/figure this out for me.


EDIT: Just tested the TX750 on a separate older system with a 4-pin atx connector, same problem. It doesn't boot, just spins the fans briefly and dies.

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