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Hx1000 help


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Ok guys on Sunday my pc black screened and rebooted which caused major issues my BIOS was corrupted along with HD problems and had to do a Windows repair once I got back into Windows a lot of programs where gone or did not work ie anti virus , NVIDIA drivers missing Ect .


I have done severe testing since then tried stress testing ghx in single mode and tested in all pci-e slots and all ram stress tested and in all ram slots .

But if I enable sli my pc does the same black screen and reboots any ideas here is a link to my thread in Evga




I have filled out the Tech sheet on here and emailed Evga tech support


With it taking out the bios and hard drives leads me to belive it to be psu but would the pc boot up?


Or could it be a faulty pcb on Ghx card

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Ok thanks got rma through as all equipment in pc has been tested for 24hrs each and work fine so must be psu issuse as when it happened for the first time it corrupted my bios, harddrive and windows.


Since then cant run sli but can run 1 card and 1 as physix just does not like the power draw of 2nd card in sli totally closes pc dowm or goes in to reboot mode and diasables the 2nd card when back in windows


This is my 2nd psu as first one blew so hopefully will get a HX1050w instead will pop a note in with rma

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