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Corsair Force 3 120gb ssd as program files drive on my 890gx motherboard


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Help pls.


Im adding 1 corsair force 3 120gb ssd as Program Files Drive for my online games (my OS is on other SSD), do i need to set something for this drive like the one i did for my OS SSD Drive?


My Set Up:


Motherboard - Gigabyte 890gpa-ud3h

*Corsair Force SSD 2 60gb - for my Windows 7

*Corsair Force SSD 3 120gb - for my On-Line Games Drive

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No, as long as you set your SATA mode to AHCI and have a AHCI driver installed, you are fine. That setting applies to all the ports/connections on the SATA interface.


But, if your board has two or more SATA interfaces, as some do, and you don't have those set up appropriately before using them, then that needs to be done on them as well. On an AMD board like yours, you likely won't have to worry about this.

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