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CMX8GX3M2A2000C9 really compatible with Asus Maximus IV-Z?

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I really need a confirmation on this. I bought these sticks (CMX8GX3M2A2000C9) and when I try to set the XMP profile I got a BSOD on windows. Ask at Asus and they said that this memory is not listed in their QVL (qualified vendor list) for this motherboard hence not supported. However, Corsair is listing it as supported. Which is correct?.


Also, is it dangerous to set DRAMV at 1.65V on this board? Will it damage the CPU? They said Sandy Bridge uses only 1.5V.


Thanks in advanced.

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I would suggest getting the latest MB BIOS then load setup defaults and enable XMP but set the memory frequency at DDr1866 and disable legacy USB and see if it will pass http://www.memtest.org.


Intel when this chipset was first released stated that Sandy Bridge CPU's could be damaged when the memory voltage was set higher than 1.5 Volts thus we release the vengeance series of modules made for and tested on Intel Sandy Bridge chipsets. Intel later recanted saying the max Memory voltage was 1.65 Volts on this chipset like other Core I5 and I7 CPU's. However if you call the support I think they are still stating that over 1.5 Volts is not suggested or supported. So it is your choice.

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