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Question about CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 and adding another set on them.


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I'm currently running a set of CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 which is 4gb (2x2gb) dominators and I was wondering if it will be okay to just put another set into my system with it?


they are the same version (5.2), and exact same model #.


Mobo is P55-ud6 so that's all fine... just concerned about possible problems (if any) with mixing 2 sets since I'm ordering from ebay.



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that was surprisingly informative.


I have another question, I JUST tried to install a 16GB (4x4gb) setup, and everything seemed ok in win7 64 but after running battlefield 3 I noticed the sound was cutting in and out and the screen would freeze for just a millisecond every few seconds..


I tried tons of different timings and even stock everything and just couldn't get it to work properly. Now this ram is optimized for the new Sandyfield chipset where I'm running the Lynnfield p55. Is it possible that this issue is related to what this pdf is talking about? because even at stock values it was occuring. Or is it more likely that the RAM is just not syncing properly with my chipset?


Apparently alot of other ppl have this "crackingly" kind of problem with onboard sound (my mobo is gigabyte p55-ud6) but its hard for me to say my problem is the same as all of theirs... But possibly it all relates back to the RAM.


With this mobo, p55-ud6... what RAM should I use if I want to get 16gb? I tried the Kingston T1 because Tomshardware suggested it over Corsair, but I'm thinking I should have stuck with Corsair since you've never failed me before. Would CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 be suitable for my mobo?


thanks again.

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