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Corsair FlashVoyager GT 16GB --- LED stays ON


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Hello everyone,




FYI: This is my first post. I just registered an account to report a problem. I have found a thread with the same problem I encountered, I post here therefore.


I have just received an identical replacement for a Corsair FlashVoyager GT 16GB (red-black rubber casing) after the previous one broke down.


The problem with the replacement flash is that its blue light won`t turn off when the stick is not used / safely to be removed from the system (as stevesls states in his post). I didn`t notice the usb stick warming up but this is not good for sure. It does this on more than 3 pcs: home, work, personal laptop.


I`ve had two other Corsair usb drives which failed:

  1. a Corsair FlashVoyager 8GB GT which out of suddenly won`t allow reading faster than 100kb/s and writing faster than 50kb/s... took me 1 full day to copy the data it held.
  2. a Corsair FlashVoyager GT 16GB which just broke down without any sign. It lasted less than 1 year. The flash identified itself correctly but the system was "unable to read device" when the device was selected... I was unable to recover data with any tool, lots of lost data this time: pictures, documents, work items, COMPANY PAPERS...


Now what is wrong with this one? I just received it two days ago... Am I lucky or what?


Thank you for your time. :)




Looking forward to hearing from you,

Dorin Chira

Software Engineer, IA ES AE


PS: I am curious on the routine dealing with the led handling, why won`t it run anymore? Does it affect anything else than the activity led?

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  • Corsair Employees

Split your post to its own thread, while its may sound like its the same its not at all as its about a different product. And his symptoms were a blinking light and could no address the information on the drive.


Where as in your case the Light stays on when it is connected but it is still working is that correct?


In addition, on the other drives please use the link on the left and request an RMA and we can replace them if formatting them with the SDCard.org Flash format Utility Will not clear the issue you see with them.

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In a other post of mine i reported a bad flash voyager gt 2GB after i posted the problem the stick was working ok again, but now it has the same problem again i will RMA it now.


when the stick went bad i orderd a new 1 flash voyager 16GB the differents between the 2GB and the 16GB is that the LED of the 16GB stays on (in idle) i saw this threat about the LED is it normal that the LED stays on on the 16GB stick???

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